My name is Gui. I'm a developer currently working for Tractable. I grew up in Brazil and went to college at UFSCar. My wife and I have been living in London since March/2018.

I bike (Strava) and grill meat. I also read books. That statement should contain a link to my list of read books/notes. If it doesn't I'll do that soon. I mostly read on the Kindle, so I'm still organizing my clippings.txt file.

I started this website after being inspired by reading some of the archives of what great developers have been up to (example: John Carmack's, About Computers).

I've been keeping a TIL.org file for a few months now. In it, I keep random notes about things that I find interesting or counter-intuitive. I thought starting a public-facing version of that and maintaining it here would be fun. It's also an accurate way to follow what I've been up to (although for that I also maintain a /now page – wat).

About me, elsewhere